PLEASE READ: Racism and murder at the hand of a white off-duty cop



This hasn’t been getting a lot of attention in the news so I thought that I would put it out in the Tumblr sphere in the interest of stirring up support (and justified outrage).

In Randallstown, MD., a 17-year-old black high school student and his friends were playing ding-dong-ditch when one of the group threw something at the house of an off-duty police officer.  The cop came out of his house and chased down the boys, and one of them, Christopher Brown, who had a brace on his leg from a recent athletic injury, couldn’t outrun the cop.  The cop apparently strangled him to death as a result of their altercation.  Brown’s death has been ruled as homicide by asphyxiation.

It has been a week since Brown’s murder.  The officer, James Laboard of Randallstown, Baltimore County, Md., has not been arrested or charged.

Not that it would have any bearing on the injustice and evil of this murder if he weren’t, but by all accounts, Christopher Brown was a wonderful, sweet child on the honor roll and a star athlete.  Please disseminate this story.  It deserves more attention than it is currently getting, particularly in the wake of Trayvon Martin and the extreme necessity for increased awareness of the slaughter of innocent black children on our streets.  Please check sources for more information including the details of a memorial fund for Brown’s family.

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