If you victim blame someone who has been raped, I will believe you have the mentality of a rapist. And that will make me extremely wary of you and probably never talk to you again.

Men Who Blame Victim for Sexual Harassment Are Often Harassers

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Shevil Fempire Fact #4

There are many arms of SRS.  And we have a plan.  


whoo hoo olympics

So as the Olympics gets nearer, I’ve been queuing up posts for the opening day of the Olympics.

July 27th will be all Olympics, all day!

party with a demonstration of awesome athletic prowess and systematic oppression of minorities of all stripes!


Just spreading the word!


The Feminist Press is looking for dynamic, talented, and hardworking interns for the Fall 2012 season. We need interns who are self-starters, eager to learn, and passionate about contributing to our mission of creating…


Shevil Fempire Fact #2

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Shevil Fempire Fact #1

Every time a minority of any kind stands up for themselves, in any way, they will be told that they are too violent by some jackass.



Surprise, they’re misogynistic. According to this group, the Republican alternative of VAWA protects the “true victims” of domestic violence — heterosexual men. 


…while one can dismiss these comments as outliers, as representative of trolls or extremists, or even link these comments to the whiteness of hockey, it is crucial to reflect on the larger context. These comments reflect broader trends online, within contemporary racial discourse, and within American sports culture.

From recent tweets from model/actress Jessica Leandra Dos Santos to those directed at webseries showrunner Issa Rae and those following the release of The Hunger Games, Twitter has become rife with racial epithets, sexism, and other forms of hate speech. The level of vitriol and the ubiquity of epithets and violence language have been well-documented: therefore, the tweets directed at Ward reflect a larger pattern of racism online, as opposed to a hockey-specific manifestation. At one level, racism online reflects the technology and aesthetics that define an online environment.

Whether emboldened by anonymity, or the fact that millions of people now have a platform to disseminate their views, ideologies, and world view, the nature of online racism merely reflects the available technology. A 1993 cartoon in The New Yorker captured the appeal of virtual reality for people to voice and show the worst in themselves and society at large.

As Northwestern University professor Pablo Boczkowski told NewsOne, “We always had people shouting on the street. It was a handful of people, and the sender of the message could be clearly identified. Now the audience is much bigger, it’s more unknown, it’s more diverse potentially, and this has changed the dynamics of the game.”

The existence of avatars, online handles, and twitter accounts that can be deleted in a moment notice fosters a culture where epithets and racist pronouncements are seemingly detached from the real-body giving voice to them. The author is unclear, yet the consequences are daily evident. Brendesha Tines, professor African-American studies and psychology at the University of Illinois, describes an online world rampant with racism. In her study of high school youth, she found that 29 percent of African Americans and 42 percent of those identifying as “other” or mixed race experienced racial epithets or other forms of racism online; some 71% of African Americans and 67% of whites and mixed-race youth “witnessed discrimination experienced by same-race and cross-race peers.” It would be a mistake to look at the tweets directed at Joel Ward as an aberration but rather a visible manifestation of the daily realities of online racism.

It would also be a mistake to particularize these tweets as evidence of the sordid debauchery of online spaces. While reflecting online culture, and the presence of “trolls,” the racism directed at Joel Ward, as with other examples, reveals the nature of racism within contemporary society.

BOOM! David Leonard does an incredible analysis on the linkages between sports, casting, and other aspects of pop culture on the R today. (via racialicious)


Written by Sharon Stapel for RH Reality Check. This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the original post.

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There’s a big secret about the bill

Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.
Audre Lorde, ‘Sexism: An American Disease in Blackface’, in Sister/Outsider, p. 63.  (via feministquotes)
Communist Sex Tips


Do not have sex with a libertarian.

You will get freedom

and die. 


For so long, I’ve heard this complaint about White college students finding it hard to get scholarships and how racial and ethnic minority college students are so lucky because there are “so many” scholarships out their for us. I was always inherently distrustful of…